How does our service work? 


What’s our story?

You know the feeling of being hopelessly lost in a jungle of travel books and websites while trying to compile everything worth seeing and doing during a city trip? Or getting all excited about trying a restaurant with five-star reviews, only to find yourself surrounded by hordes of other tourists eating so-so food? Your vacation days are too precious for that.

We, the team of Reiseschneiderei, reflected our personal travel experiences and thought of ways how to assist travelers in preparing a custom-fit journey to Vienna, to avoid any kind of frustration and to optimize the enjoyment you expect from a city trip. And there it was: Reiseschneiderei Vienna was born!

Before you arrive, we ask detailed questions about your regular life (Are you a dancing queen? Love browsing through flea markets?) and your interests & preferences. That helps us get to know you so we can create a unique, tailor-made travel guide just for you and whoever you’re traveling with.

What’s so special about a Reiseschneiderei guide? The data isn’t compiled by a computer. Instead, real people read your questionnaire and personally choose every single tip we think you will enjoy. We keep the information up to date by doing what we love most: going out for meals, shopping, and entertainment in Vienna. And sharing our favorite experiences. When you order a Reiseschneiderei travel guide, you can be sure that no one else in the entire world has the same one. This is not just another travel book you’ll only use 30% of and then relegate to a dusty bookshelf. It’s a keepsake that will keep memories of your trip vivid and encourage you to share your Vienna discoveries with your friends and family back home.

Getting down to the point- what does it contain and how much does it cost?

Our 'tailor-made for you' guide includes:

  • 20-40 tips customized for your stay, carefully selected by our Viennese team and printed on sturdy cards you can arrange however you like
  • Postcards (we don’t live the analog life enough, right?)
  • A foldable map of Vienna
  • Detailed maps of the neighborhoods/tips we have selected for you
  • Inspiring photos of the locations
  • A lovingly-designed folder to hold all your items or just the information you need each day
  • An additional file folder with essential information to help you get around in Vienna
  • A healthy dose of Viennese love (that’s right, not all of us are grumpy in this city)

The entire package comes to a very reasonable price of

€ 89.00 plus shipping