Saturday morning. You step out of your apartment as the sun starts driving back the clouds. Full of fresh energy, your only goal for the day is to walk and explore. Know the feeling? We at Reiseschneiderei Vienna know how lovely it can be when you experience it in another city. Capturing that feeling was our aim when we created our special edition Grätzl Guides.

Grätzl is an old Viennese word for neighborhood. It’s not even a district, just the block around your apartment where you know the grocer, have your regular pub and greet the gardeners in the local park by name. In producing these special guides, we wanted to bring you even closer to the city, and show you all the charm of its people and their neighborhoods.

This series focuses on small parts of Vienna, the Grätzl, each of them offering a microcosm of places to see, discover and experience, all within walking distance. Explore local history right down to the meaning of street names, the best café or corner snack shop, the finest restaurants and bars, the hippest shops, park benches to relax on, architectural highlights, back courtyards worth checking out, traditional sights in the area and, last but not least, the spots only the locals really know. Our Grätzl Guides feature plenty of illustrative and inspiring photographs. Detailed maps make sure you find your way through the Grätzl.

All tips and suggestions have been carefully collected and compiled by insiders to ensure memorable experiences off the beaten track. We take you places regular guide books miss. See a different side of the city!

Dive into the pure Vienna experience and get your own Grätzl guide for € 19.00 plus shipping.

The following Grätzl Guides are available at the moment: